Tabernacle Colors and Israel's Star
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Our Vision is to serve the family, the community and the people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds trough several outreach ministries and programs to meet the needs of the whole man and thereby empower the Greater Atlanta community. The commission is to evangelize the inner city via door-to-door contact, radio, TV and internet / web exposure We truly believe that visibility is a key factor in bringing this vision to fruition. Therefore, we will focus on grades K-12, tutoring and career counseling. We also envision a resourceful social service program that will offer a food and clothing bank that will be open and available to the community and counseling for teen pregnancy and teen parenting resources for young mothers and fathers.

Our Vision is to implement empowerment programs such as GED and High School Diploma certification programs. It is our desire to offer youth as well as adults a “second chance” to pursue their dreams of higher education. Furthermore, the vision of Open Door EPC is to advance the Evangelistic Pentecostal move of God as a catalyst for outreach in area shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, among the homeless and prison.